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The facilities consist of resting pigpens for the animals before slaughtering, pens for the isolation of animals that are suspected to bear diseases, unconsciousness systems, slaughterhouses, and places for the bloodletting, the evisceration and the skinning of the slaughtered animals, storing refrigerators for blocked slaughtered animals, storing refrigerators for the slaughtered animals, and areas for the staff, which are appropriately equipped, biological cleaning system as well as an incinerator for materials of special danger.

The slaughterhouse is strictly regulated by the veterinary legislation which concerns the cattle protection during the transport as well as during the slaughter, and by the sanitary rules that concern the production of meat and meat-based products.

The machinery is of high technology, the staff is specialized and all Food Safety and Hygiene system rules (HACCP) are applied in order to accomplish steady quality throughout the whole production procedure. Moreover, a quality system in compliance with ISO 22000: 2005 standard is applied at the slaughterhouse.
Στο σφαγείο λειτουργεί σύστημα ποιότητας σε συμμόρφωση με το πρότυπο ISO 22000: 2005.




A high-end slaughterhouse with two lines for pigs and small ruminants. The unit itself is currently able to supply consumers with excellent quality products…


Aspra Spitia of the Municipality of Ancient Olympia, t. 26240-71002 -71230, f. 26240-71003

Pig-breeding (pig-breeding unit) and production of qualitative meat


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