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The pig-breeding unit is located at Spatharia position, in Aspra Spitia, in a bright green surrounding environment of 52000 square meters in area.
We try to create an environment as pleasant and as friendly as possible for the cattle. The cattle races derive from the biggest companies in the field (PIG- TOPIGS).

The foods, at their majority, derive from cereals of domestic production (corn- barley) as well as from bran and soya.
The farm’s management is carried out by a zootechnician who closely collaborates, as far as the technical-veterinary-nutritional coverage of the unit is concerned, with a big company that specializes in the field with scientific staff (ZOOTECHNICIAN-VETERINARY- NUTRITIONIST),NUEVO S.A., and is also under its supervision.

The company, in the spirit of constant advancement participates in an approved program of the developmental law for the updating of the farm and the production increase. One of the company’s targets is the exploitation of the pig manure and its conversion into energy (biogas).



A high-end slaughterhouse with two lines for pigs and small ruminants. The unit itself is currently able to supply consumers with excellent quality products…


Aspra Spitia of the Municipality of Ancient Olympia, t. 26240-71002 -71230, f. 26240-71003

Pig-breeding (pig-breeding unit) and production of qualitative meat


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